Great Lakes VNTG is an Online Estate Sale & Auction Market. We are a community of estate sale professionals, vintage lovers, collectors, & resellers. Our goal is to make estate sales & online auctions accessible for all and to create a unique environment to shop and collect. We aim to offer quality merchandise and excellent customer experience. We are selectively accepting new sellers in Ohio & Michigan! 

What do I need to sell with Great Lakes VNTG:

Starting Fall of 2022 Ohio Sellers Must Be a Licensed Auctioneer or Auction Firm with the State of Ohio Department of Agriculture. Not sure where to start? We can help! Contact Vincent at 216-905-5980 for more in-depth information about licensing.

  1. Merchandise! Sellers should be able to offer 150-250 lots (individual items) per event. Items with excessive wear, derogatory items, or items depicting hate should not be sold.
  2. Merchandise should be properly photographed, framed, cropped, rotated, well lit and attractive to buyers.
  3. Merchandise should be described accurately to provide bidders all important details. Measurements and conditions should be included. (We recommend an LED photo light box for photographing small items.
  4. Newer cell phone or digital camera. iPhone 7 or higher (or the Android equivalent works great)
  5. Sellers will need to set up a Stripe account for credit card processing. 
  6. Sellers will average a minimum of $2500.00 per sale.
  7. Sellers agree to keep invoicing and accounting up to date as well as keep Great Lakes VNTG informed of any delinquent bidder invoices.
  8. Sellers may offer their own shipping for items at reasonable rates and within a reasonable time frame. 
  9. Sellers should be willing to provide excellent customer service and calmly handle issues if they arise. 

Where do I begin? 

We begin with in person or online training to familiarize you with the website and step by step instructions to create online auctions. Additionally, we offer continuing education and support to help sellers be successful.

Ready to sell with Great Lakes VNTG? 

Contact Vincent at or 216-905-5890. Tell us a little about yourself and what type of merchandise you will be selling.