We are now offering a FREE Guided Apprentice Program for Individuals and Companies who are Interested in Obtaining an Auction Firm License:


     The Program includes 24 total hours with GLV Staff over 3 months (not to exceed 6 months) 

  • 6 Hours of Photography instruction including Lighting & Photo Editing Techniques
  • 6 Hours of Hands-On Curating an Auction & Photography on Site 
  • 6 Hours of Research, Writing Descriptions & Creating Listings
  • 6 Hours Auction Firm Licensing Study, Discussion & Test Prep

After the Program, you will be prepared to take the ODA Auction Firm License Test and conduct your own online auctions on Great Lakes VNTG at a special commission rate. Although there is no cost for this program, there are fees and requirements for the ODA Auction Firm License. 


ODA Requirements for Licensing:

1. Register your company with the state (LLC) (Approx $100)

2. Study and Become Proficient in the Auctioneer Guide including Auction Laws & Regulations. 

3. Sign up for an Auction Firm License at https://elicense.ohio.gov/OH_HomePage

4. Procure a bond for your auction firm in the amount of $50,000 for the first 3 years of licensure  (approx 400$ per year). 

5. Get a police background check in your local police station or sheriff's department. (approx $10) 

6. Pay Department of Ag Fees License and take the Auction Firm test at the Ohio Auction Board in Columbus. (Approx $225)  The test is offered at least once every month. 



Ready to Get Started?

Email, Text or Call Vincent@greatlakesvntg.com or 216-905-5890

This program is not affiliated with the Ohio Dept of Agriculture Auctioneer Program